About Ellisha’s World


To create a positive environment of learning for kids and to cater to the delicate psychological needs of a child.


To create a world without brutality and evil.

What is Ellisha’s World?

Ellisha's World is a world of EDUTAINMENT. It is a world of informative comics, educational games, positive e-magazine and soft toys to help a kid's mental development, expert articles, blogs and unlimited fun. Our goal is to surround kids with a positive environment as they grow through the different stages of life. Growing up in a positive environment will help each child develop into a good person with a strong moral foundation.

Why was Ellisha’s World created?

Ellisha’s World was created to provide a positive learning and reinforcement medium for kids to learn about moral values, life skills, math, science, geography and other subjects. In this world, kids learn through the life experiences of animals they treat as pets or friends.


Ellisha’s World was created by a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) family living in USA. While raising their 2 kids, they learned and understood the need for providing a positive environment for kids, an atmosphere of encouragement and appreciation of how they are and how good they can be. It is also a learning medium through which kids can be taught moral values and life skills – how to grow up to be a good person. An effective educational platform can also encourage kids to learn science, math, geography and other interesting subjects in their own way. Not just through boring school homework, but in a fun and playful manner.

Our founder parents noticed that most kids spend a good part of their day watching cartoons on TV or reading comic books. Unfortunately, most of the cartoons do not provide any educational value. They are either funny or action-packed. Kids don’t learn from them. Our comics provide the mental and educational stimulation that is completely absent in currently available media publications, both print and electronic.